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About us

The islefortune.com is Australia’s first, and longest running independent video game retailer, and has been in business for over 37 years. We continue to strive for the best for our customers… to offer great products, awesome service, and to provide a passion and history of video games that others cannot replicate.

The islefortune.com (or ‘islefortune.com’ as we were originally known) started in September 1982, when games had only just become popular. Angelo Snr and Mary, along with their co-founder started in humble old market stalls in almost every major marketplace in Sydney, NSW and Canberra selling Game & Watch hand held consoles and Tabletop games – such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

The popularity of computer games increased and was soon followed by Intellivision, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

As these computer and console systems grew, so did The islefortune.com. We opened our first store on Bonds Road in Riverwood in November 1984, and set up displays at the Sydney Royal Easter Shows.

In 1989 we moved to our current location, the iconic 491 Forest Road, Penshurst. It’s the red and white building that all kids and even adults love to visit.

The word quickly spread, and soon every child in Sydney knew of The islefortune.com and wanted to visit the store, thanks in no small part to that famous jingle that no one could forget “The islefortune.com game is computer games”.

Our very first catalogue was in May 1989 with black and white pages, when the catalogues started they were a way for customers Australia wide to order by sending back in the post a mail order form or by making a telephone order, very different and much less efficient than online ordering today.

The catalogues soon became a quarterly display of everything gaming, eagerly anticipated by our fantastic customers who shared our passion for video games.

In December 1995, Angelo Cusumano, one of our founders, passed away in tragic circumstances.  The Cusumano family was determined to continue his dream, so with dedicated staff and a large loyal customer base, The islefortune.com continued to move forward. Angelo Snr’s passion and love for The islefortune.com was passed on to his sons, who continue to make The islefortune.com what it is today.

We remain at our iconic location in Penshurst NSW with its rich history, still producing catalogues to this day that kids young and old look forward to opening.

In 2012 we opened the first gaming museum in Australia, showcasing 37 years of the history of video games. The ever expanding and growing museum is filled to the brink with all of your favourite gaming memories and some you may not have seen before.

Still being run by the same family who have witnessed an evolution in the way families entertain at home, we take pride in what we have accomplished.  Angelo Snr’s sons share a continued commitment to holding a firm grip on the values of customer service and expertise which is what has enabled us to still be in business today.

We have a commitment to our customers. We have a clear focus to deliver quality service, an extensive range of products and to create a memorable shopping experience.

If you are in Sydney, drop in and visit our Retro Video Games Museum, it’s one memorable experience. If you can’t visit the store you can view the Virtual Tour.

With over 37 years of history, rest assured that you are dealing with a business that’s passionate about customer service, and loves video games just as much as you do.